Sweden: Open Access for the long-term

VR Riktlinjer

The Swedish Research Council has been tasked by the Government to produce national guidelines for open access to scientific information. The proposed guidelines are now handed in to the government. The Guidelines are availabe in English at the Swedish Research Council website.  The basic principles in the proposed national guidelines are that scientific publications and artistic works, as well as research data forming the basis for scientific publications, that are the result of publicly funded research, must be openly available. In both cases, proposals for time frames for implementation are indicated.
"We are welcoming the guidelines and the forthcoming process with decision and implementation, the guidelines support open access to research data and we are looking forward to see an extensive sharing of research data and the benefits with reuse of data in new research." says Kerstin Konitzer, Director of ECDS
The Swedish Research Council proposes that Sweden have a strategic objective for 2025, and that the guidelines apply up through 2020. Recommendations for what needs to be investigated further are being submitted as part of the task. The Council proposes to the Government that the task of investigating and proposing solutions be distributed among suitable government agencies. It is proposed that the investigative work be concluded by the end of December 2018 at the latest. The Council is of the opinion that designing detailed guidelines for 2025 by around 2020 is feasible. Through this proposal for a policy decision, the direction in which Sweden is heading will be clear for the world around us and for representatives of Sweden. Clarity is also important for Swedish researchers.

The Swedish Research Council proposes that a national coordinating function be set up at a suitable agency, which will be tasked with coordinating the work.


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