OpenAIRE/LIBER workshop on Dealing with Data. What's the Role for the library? (3rd OpenAIRE Workshop - May 2013)

The purpose of this workshop was to explore where the library sits in the whole data lifecycle, and pinpoint some areas as to what its role might be in the future. The workshop also invited a range of scientists to present their line of research to the audience, with idea about where the library might be able to support them.

Sharing research data and open access to publications in Horizon 2020 (5th OpenAIRE workshop - November 2015)

The OpenAIRE Workshop on “Sharing research data and open access to publications in Horizon 2020” focused on concepts and good practices of managing Research Data and Open Access to scientific publications in Horizon 2020. This workshop took place at Ghent University on the 18th of November and was attended by 102 delegates from 29 different countries.

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