FAIR Data in Trustworthy Data Repositories Webinar (DANS/EUDAT/OpenAIRE Webinar - Dec. 2016)

Participants: N/A
Category: Researchers

Everybody wants to play FAIR, but how do we put the principles into practice? In this webinar the FAIR Guiding Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and the DSA (Data Seal of Approval were discussed and compared and a tangible operationalization was presented. The Webinar was co-organised byDANS, EUDAT &OpenAIRE, on 12 and 13 December, 2016.

Italian Open Science Webinar Series 2019

Following the success of the previous Open Science Webinar Series 2018, OpenAIRE NOADs in collaboration with the RDA Italian Node, offer a new series of webinars!

They have a common format and each webinar is dedicated to specific stakeholders, in the field of Open Science: researchers, librarians, research support personnel, funders.
The main aim is to provide clear information and practical tools to the users and introduce them to Open Science related topics.

Open research data and data management for Horizon 2020 projects

Participants: N/A
Category: Researchers

This OpenAIREWebinar provides an introduction to Research Data Management and is aimad at researcher involved in the EC's Open Research Data Pilot. Managing research data is becoming increasingly important. How can you manage your data and how can you benefit from managing your data effectively? In this webinar te basic concepts of research data management (RDM) are presented as well as tools to help writing a Data Management Plan (DMP).

OpenAIRE guidelines for data and literature repositories

Participants: N/A
Category: Researchers
OpenAIRE guidelines for data and literature repositories (German)

The webinar was organized by Jessica Rex (National Open Access Desk Germany) and held by Jochen Schirrwagen and Friedrich Summann of Bielefeld University Library and was on the topic of 'OpenAIRE guidelines for literature and data repositories'. Additionally there was some information on guidelines for CRIS managers. This webinar is in German. Date: 28 February 2017

OpenAIRE webinar series for repository managers 2017/2018

To empower our repository network, OpenAIRE is organizing a series of 10 webinars over the next 8 months. The main idea is to approach different OpenAIRE services and tools for content providers and recent repository developments, including: OpenAIRE Dashboard for Content Providers, Scholix guidelines for data-literature integration, OpenAIRE guidelines, Metrics and OpenAIRE usage statistics service, Text and Data Mining, the role of repositories in Open Access funder policy compliance, and next generation repositories. Check our calendar and stay tuned for further news!

Policies for Open Science: webinar for research managers and policy makers (OAWeek 2016 webinar - Oct. 2016)

Participants: N/A
Category: Researchers
Open Access Week 2016 webinar on “Policies for Open Science: webinar for research managers and policy makers” - on OpenAIRE’s policy activities building on the PASTEUR4OA project, and how to create/implement policies for open science at a local and national level, with Marina Angelaki and Alma Swan (PASTEUR4OA) and Tony Ross-Hellauer (OpenAIRE). Date: October 27, 2016.

The fundamentals of Open Science (OAWeek 2016 webinar - Oct. 2016)

Participants: N/A
Category: Researchers

Open Access Week 2016 webinar on "The fundamentals of Open Science" - key introductory themes in Open Science, with Tony Ross-Hellauer (OpenAIRE, University of Goettingen), Paola Masuzzo (Ghent University) and Chris Hartgerink (Tilburg University). Date: October 24, 2016.

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