DTU_UK_B1The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is one of the three major Danish research universities and is specialised in sci-tech subjects. DTU has approximately 900 researchers, 6000 students and 700 PhD students. The Technical Information Center of Denmark (DTU Library) is the central DTU unit providing knowledge infrastructures and services in the form of digital library services; management and dissemination of DTU’s research output using institutional repositories, research databases (CRIS) and e-publishing platforms as well as support of e-learning systems.


The Technical Information Center of Denmark has approximately 50 employees and furthermore fulfils the role as the national technical information centre. DTU Library has a status as pioneer in the application and development of ICT in the domain of library and information management since its first computerised catalogue in 1965. Some recent landmarks are the first library system on the web in 1992; the pioneering digital journal library DADS in 1996; the open source CRIS and repository system ORBIT in 2003; and the national pipeline for bibliometric research assessment in 2009.


DTU Library established and ran the Nordic Net Centre in 1993 as a centre of excellence and inspiration for the emerging web technologies and has been a key actor in setting up and realising DEFF - Denmark’s Electronic Research Library, dealing also with institutional repositories, e-publishing and e-science. On a national level, DTU Library is responsible for developing, managing and operating the Danish National Research Database (DDF), aggregating and normalising data from the local institutional repositories and research databases of Danish universities and research institutions. This data is presented to DRIVER, Google Scholar and others. Having an Open Access mandate since 2006, DTU has placed it self as the leading Open Access university in Denmark. The early adoption of an OA policy can be credited to the work of DTU Library. This pioneering work has positioned DTU Library as the leading institution advocating OA and OA initiatives in Denmark through leadership in DEFF OA activities, as well as participation in Knowledge Exchange and Nordbib.

DTU Library has a strong and successful tradition of participating in international collaborative projects, such as the EU projects EUROPAGATE, COPINET, UNIVERSE, GAIA, RENARDUS, LIMES, ALVIS and DRIVER. It also has a long record of contributing to standards and protocols through Danish Standards/ISO, EWOS/EFILA, OAI Technical Committee and the Fedora Development Team.

Contact persons

  • Mikael K. Elbæk
  • Alfred Heller
  • Mogens Sandfaer

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