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Terms of Use for Content Providers

Terms of Agreements for Content Providers

Agreement for Content Exchange between OpenAIRE and external content provider, in the following referred to as [ORGANIZATION]


OpenAIRE is the European Union initiative for an Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (currently funded by EU-Horizon2020 Grant ID 777541 „OpenAIRE-Advance”) that aims to establish an open and sustainable scholarly communication infrastructure responsible for the overall management, analysis, manipulation, provision, monitoring and cross-linking of all research outcomes (publications, related datasets, software and services) across existing, planned and future repositories.
Objectives of the ToU

OpenAIRE harvests bibliographic metadata records and Open Access articles full-text from content providers with a view to carrying out text-mining techniques. OpenAIRE services will apply mining techniques to extract/infer links between research products, such as research data, research software, and other products, and between research products and research grants or communities. Information inferred from metadata and/or full texts will be used to enrich the original metadata record of the publication and made publicly available via the OpenAIRE portal, and public APIs. The metadata collected are normalized to make them uniform to the OpenAIRE data model, and best efforts are undertaken to enrich the metadata.

The [ORGANIZATION] may request OpenAIRE not to collect the full text of Open Access publications.

OpenAIRE increases the visibility of the [ORGANIZATIONs] content provider and its publications by exposing metadata and URLs leading to the provider’s web site (provenance information). Moreover, OpenAIRE will provide the provider with APIs to access the enriched metadata. As an option the content provider may benefit from the OpenAIRE Broker Service and be notified of relevant enrichments relative to its records.

Terms of Use

Consent for re-use

Consent for re-use of metadata By registering the [ORGANIZATON]'s content provider with OpenAIRE, the [ORGANIZATION]:
  • Provides metadata records compliant to the OpenAIRE Guidelines
  • Allows OpenAIRE to BULK DOWNLOAD metadata records via at least one of the following protocols: OAI-PMH, FTP (and REST APIs if agreed with OpenAIRE)
  • Allows OpenAIRE to TRANSFORM metadata records, if necessary, to make it uniform to the OpenAIRE data model;
  • Allows OpenAIRE to ENRICH the metadata, using OpenAIRE's best efforts of deduplication, text-mining, and end-user feedback.
  • Allows OpenAIRE to PUBLISH the harvested and transformed records, thus to provide public access to them as CC-BY International v.4.0 or subsequent without any restrictions on reuse in original and derivative forms.

Consent for re-use of full texts: By registering the [ORGANIZATON]'s content provider with OpenAIRE, the [ORGANIZATION]:
  • Allows BULK DOWNLOAD of the full-text files of the publications whose access rights are Open Access (as described by the OpenAIRE guidelines) by means of at least one of the following means:
    • by providing links to the full text files in the record metadata and allowing OpenAIRE to download the files;
    • by allowing web crawling services to identify full text links on the publication landing page enabling OpenAIRE to download the files;
    • by access to an ftp-service (or similar) to download full text files;
  • Allows OpenAIRE to TEMPORARILY store the full text files of publications in order to apply text mining techniques; OpenAIRE WILL NOT provide the full text files for public distribution, i.e. OpenAIRE users will have to download files from the original datasource, unless otherwise authorized by the [ORGANIZATION].
  • Allows OpenAIRE to PUBLISH mining results, thus to store the results of mining and further processing in the OpenAIRE database and to provide public access to them as CC-BY International v.4.0 or subsequent without any restrictions on reuse in original and derivative forms.
The [ORGANIZATION] may request OpenAIRE not to collect the full text of Open Access publications.
Additional provisions ensuring quality of service

OpenAIRE OpenAIRE will ensure the following good practices are respected:
  • Datasource API care: undertakes best efforts not to harm the accessibility of the [ORGANIZATION]'s datasource service by a proper crawling or download interval for subsequent requests;
  • Provenance: undertakes best efforts to increase the visibility of the [ORGANIZATION] by enriching metadata records with the relative datasource information;

[ORGANIZATION] The [ORGANIZATION] will ensure the following good practices are respected:

  • Whitelisting OpenAIRE harvesting services: agrees not to block the IP address range used by the OpenAIRE crawling and/or download service;
  • Data integrity: informs OpenAIRE about changes of existing record identifiers (e.g. due to platform migrations or updates)
[ORGANIZATION]'s representations and warranties
  • [ORGANIZATION] claims hereby that it conforms with OpenAIRE's Policies and Guidelines as available at and warrants to maintain high level of conformance during the term of this agreement.
  • [ORGANIZATION] represents and warrants that the use of the content from the [ORGANIZATION's] datasource does not infringe third-party rights.
  • [ORGANIZATION] shall indemnify and hold OpenAIRE and users of OpenAIRE harmless from any third-party claims resulting from the use of the content.
Licensing the enriched metadata
  • As mentioned above, OpenAIRE will enrich the metadata, add new information and links to it.
  • This enriched metadata that OpenAIRE has created will be published and licensed under Creative Commons BY international standard form, current version (4.0) or any future higher version of such standard forms.
The agreement will terminate when OpenAIRE or [ORGANIZATION] gives notice of termination to the other Party (including end of project or service), in which case a minimum notice of three months will be given. In this case OpenAIRE will take down all copies made of [ORGANIZATION]'s data. Downloaded data that are licensed under CC BY international v. 4.0 or subsequent are not affected by the termination of the agreement.