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Apr 3, 2024

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The Brand-New OpenAIRE OpenOrgs Website is Now Live!

Apr 3, 2024

In a world where research spans continents and disciplines merge, one obstacle persistently hinders progress: the ambiguity of research organisation data. This obstacle, seemingly small but monumentally impactful, has found its match in OpenAIRE's innovative and community-driven service, OpenOrgs. Imagine a world where every organisation, from the university campus to the research institute, is easily identifiable, its contributions clearly mapped and its collaborations seamlessly facilitated. This is the world OpenOrgs crafting!



The New Portal

Curious about the magic that goes on behind the scenes, and what can be achieved when technology meets human ingenuity? Explore our brand-new website to get an in-depth understanding of the service's operation, from the creation of suggestions and curation to the final creation of representative organisations.

The website highlights the community-driven nature of OpenOrgs, underscoring its role in enriching the OpenAIRE Graph with clear and accurate data to elevate research quality. This process, highlighted on the Understanding OpenOrgs section, showcases the blend of automated workflows and curator feedback that underpins the tool's effectiveness. For those eager to delve into the nuts and bolts, the Metadata Curation section offers a deep dive into the processes and practices that ensure the highest standards of data quality.


OpenOrgs website doesn't just talk the talk; it walks the walk.

Featuring compelling case studies, we illustrate the tangible impact OpenOrgs has on research collaboration and the global research landscape. These examples highlight the tool's capabilities and the difference it makes.


Get Guides & Support 

Delving deeper, the website offers supporting materials, tutorials, guides, past recordings of webinars—all designed to empower users and curators alike. Whether you're new to data curation or an experienced researcher, our glossary section explains key terms used throughout the service, making sure you have a solid understanding of our processes and objectives.

The website also provides a statistical overview of the service's reach and impact. With over 70 curators from 24 countries, and more than 100k curated organisations across 205 countries and territories, our stats speak to the vibrant community and collective effort driving OpenOrgs forward.



Meet the Curation Board

Lastly, the website introduces you to the team behind OpenOrgs and also to our newly formed Curation Board! What is the Curation Board, you might ask? It is a dedicated team with one goal: to enhance the quality and reliability of research organisation metadata globally. Beyond day-to-day curation tasks, the board actively engages with the OpenOrgs community, soliciting feedback, answering queries, and facilitating discussions.

For new curators joining the platform, the Curation Board provides training resources, guidelines, and ongoing support to ensure they are well-equipped to contribute effectively. Whether you're a potential curator looking for guidance or a researcher with questions about our data, the Curation Board is here to ensure your OpenOrgs experience is both rewarding and impactful.

Become a Curator!
As OpenOrgs continues to evolve, the invitation to join the team and become a curator remains open. Whether you're a researcher, a data curator, or simply someone passionate about the integrity of research, OpenOrgs welcomes you. Under the mentorship of the Curation Board, you'll contribute to a vital resource that benefits the global research community, gaining valuable experience in data curation and management.

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on 9 April! Register now to share your insights and connect with fellow curators.