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Under H2020 an Open Research Data pilot was introduced encouraging good data management  and aiming to make research data open. When your Horizon 2020 project is part of the pilot, and your data meets certain conditions, you must deposit your data in a research data repository where they will be findable and accessible for others.

Data management and sharing activities need to be costed into research, in terms of the time and resources needed. By planning early, costs can be significantly reduced. Costs associated with open access to research data, can be claimed as eligible costs of any Horizon 2020 grant during the duration of the project under the conditions defined in the H2020 Grant Agreement: they must already be budgeted and accepted in the grant proposal, and note the “during the duration of the project”.

Do you want to get a quick, visually understandable overview of this issue? Take a look at this infographic produced by DCC in the context of the OpenAIRE's RDM Task Force, dedicated to DMP resources.