The OpenAIRE information space continues its impressive record of growth. The OpenAIRE portal now includes almost 14 million Open Access publications and 16,800 datasets from almost 700 OpenAIRE compatible data providers. The number of data providers is constantly growing. We had over 120 new data providers joining us in 2015 and almost one hundred revalidated. Check out the OpenAIRE compatible data providers list:

DataProviders Enrich

The following are among the newest OpenAIRE data providers that contributed to increase the number of documents in the OpenAIRE information space.

- Institutional or Repositories:

- Journals, Publisher or Journal aggregator:
Check out the following OpenAIRE presentations highlighting figures of some new data providers in 2015:
  1. October/December 2015 -
  2. July/September 2015 -
  3. May/June 2015 -

Participation makes sense: Join the network.

OpenAIRE collects any OA peer-reviewed scholarly publications, preferably with links to funding information (e.g. EC and national funding schemes). Non-OA material is accepted if it has links to funding information.
What are the benefits of joining the network?
  • It makes sense to be part of an interoperable European OA network. Make research more visible.
  • Open Access mandates are on the rise. Adding funding information to records makes sense in the long-term.
OpenAIRE also offers:
  • Knowledge extraction services - to enrich metadata records with links to other research outputs.
  • Text-mining services - OpenAIRE can identify funding information, treating all records confidentially.
  • OpenAIRE’s APIs - machine access to aggregated and enriched bibliographic metadata and project information, support for DSpace and EPrints platforms:
  • Addons, Patches and Plugins - are available for standard platforms:

+ info here:

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