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Toolkit for Policy Makers

Let's shape Open Science and Open Access together

The OpenAIRE Toolkit for Policy Makers has been designed to assist the design and adoption of Open Science policies aligned with EU developments in the field. It therefore targets stakeholders at national, institutional or funder level with a key role in the adoption of Open Science / Open Access policies (university rectors, directors of research centres, directors of funding agencies, rectors’ summit, ministries etc.).

The Toolkit aims to assist NOADs in promoting OS/OA policies in their country and enabling them to become the national hub on OS/OA by enhancing their expertise.

Yet, the Toolkit can also be used by other stakeholders seeking to learn, adopt or align their OS/OA policies and this is why all related material and resources are public.

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OpenAIRE offers a mutual learning environment where you will discuss with like-minded people who have needs similar to yours how to shape policies and implement them.