Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is Ireland's leading research university through publications, research collaborations, prestigious awards, international ranking systems, and innovation and technology transfer. Trinity College Library is the largest library in Ireland.

Trinity College Dublin will participate in OpenAIRE as a National Open Access liaison office in support of Objective 1. TCD will establish a correspondent relationship to OpenAIRE for Ireland by participation in OpenAIRE meetings, specifying the Irish national situation, fostering communication on a national scale, organizing meetings, workshops and other fora for repository managers and researchers, reviewing OpenAIRE concepts and messages, communicating these within the Irish national situation, including translation to and from the Irish language and other European languages where necessary.

TCD brings four broad competencies to OpenAIRE:

  • A deep understanding of the scientific and research workflow and commitment to the integration of repositories with institutional and national research support systems and processes in order the support the scientist at every stage of the research continuum.
  • Interoperability of university-based research repositories at a national level and international level with a) subject-based repositories, b) learning object repositories, c) national federation of repositories and European portals (eg DART-Europe).
  • Development of repositories to support strategic research analysis using raw data from  homson Reuters and (projected) SCOPUS.
  • Strengths in national and liaison and advocacy in all areas of Open Access.
Specific competencies include: TCD CERIF-based CRIS; Systems integration (TCD CRIS & Dspace-based repository, integrated with College administrative systems and web services): Interoperable systems and processes (eg TCD CRIS XML feed to Expertise Ireland (, National Digital Learning Repository, interoperability standards: taxonomies, metadata, crosswalks); National Research Data Project (integration of bibliographic and bibliometric data into the CRIS/Repository) and also administrative competencies like processing, workflows, advocacy, project management.

Contact persons

  • Niamh Brennan

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