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UkrISTEI - State Scientific Organization Ukrainian Institute of Scientific Technical and Expertise and Information

Державна наукова установа «Український інститут науково-технічної експертизи та інформації»


Providing scientific and information support for measures to implement state policy in the areas of scientific, scientific and technical, innovation and technology transfer.

Contribution to Open Science

Recognition of the importance of open science and open access is the preparation and implementation of the project of the National Repository of Academic Texts. The purpose of the National Repository is to make scientific and international information of Ukraine and the world as accessible as possible for society, which will promote the development of educational, scientific, scientific and technical, and innovative activities by improving access to academic texts and promoting academic integrity.

Goals and objectives

The National Repository provides open access for users to the information that is the repository contains, in particular to the register of academic texts, as well as their electronic versions and other related data posted on open access, through the official web-portal of the National Repository.

Мені здається, що тут краще не «ми бажаємо», а «ми прагнемо».

We strive:

  • to be ambassadors of open science and open access in Ukraine,
  • to develop the content of the National Repository and related services,
  • to provide informational and methodological assistance to all stakeholders in the development of open science and open access infrastructure,
  • to develop the FAIR data ecosystem,
  • to promote the principles of academic ethics, academic integrity,
  • to develop an international partnership in this area, in particular with OpenAIRE and EOSC
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Contact Info
Volodymyr Kamyshyn | Chmyr Olena Serhiivna
Acting Director | Head of the Department of support of academic resources
  • Research and experimental development in the field of other natural and technical sciences
  • Technical tests and research
  • Research and experimental development in the field of social sciences and humanities
  • Market research and public opinion polling
  • Other professional, scientific and technical activities.
  • Publishing activities (publishing of books, publishing of reference books and catalogues, publishing of journals and periodicals, other publishing activities)
  • ICT (computer programming, consulting on informatization, data processing, posting of information on websites and related activities, web-portals)
  • Activities in the field of law
  • Activities of the main departments (head offices)
  • Public relations activities
  • Advice on business and management
  • Supporting activities in the field of education
  • Stakeholders  / partners - central and local authorities, higher education institutions, research institutions, publishing houses, enterprises, public organizations, educators, scientists, research and teaching staff