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Vienna University Library and Archive Services provide a rich service infrastructure to support members of the University of Vienna in their research, teaching and learning. Founded in 1365, the library is the oldest university library in the German-speaking world. With holdings that include about 7 million bound volumes as well as archive materials and manuscripts, it is also by far the largest academic library in Austria. In order to provide the academic community of Vienna University with scholarly and scientific information, the library subscribes to around 9,000 journals in print form and offers access to nearly 1,300 databases and over 62,000 electronic journals and other electronic services.

Open Access activities: the University of Vienna has established an Open Access Office which is organizing OA activities at the University of Vienna. It aims to support and advise all members of the University as well as being involved in co-operation with national and international agencies regarding this discussion. The University of Vienna is also a signatory to the Berlin Declaration. An interdisciplinary working group was installed. Since its establishment in 2008 the working group has been busy implementing an appropriate infrastructure for open access publishing at the Vienna University, which is closely linked to the advisory services. Participating colleagues bring expertise from different departments of the University Library. Also an Open Access Board was founded in 2012 to give strategic direction of OA at the University of Vienna. Members of this Board are from the Rector’s office, University Library, Research Service and Carrier Development, Quality Assurance and Researchers from five different departments. The University of Vienna is involved in SPARC Europe, COAR, SCOAP3, arXiv.org, LIBER, openaccess.net, OpenAIRE and OANA (Open Access Network Austria).

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  • Gerda McNeill
  • Mihaela Hubert

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