The Institute for Information Law, created almost fifteen years ago as a centre of excellence for research, is the largest research facility in the field of information law in Europe. During a national evaluation of legal research programmes, the institute received the highest grades of all programmes in its field of expertise. IViR co-ordinates an international academic publication series, and carries out projects for a wide range of international organisations (the European Commission, WIPO, OECD, UNESCO, Council of Europe, etc.). The institute has a vast experience in the organisation of conferences and symposia.

The Institute conducts research into the fundamental rights that give shape to the information process (freedom of communication, privacy and intellectual property) and into the rules of the information market (media law, telecommunications law, competition law, consumer protection). In this context, IViR performed various projects, commissioned by third parties, including the European Commission, the WIPO and the Council of Europe, that deal with the the distribution of eContent and individual rights. IViRs recent or ongoing research projects cover issues such as the constitutional protection of freedom of speech and privacy of communications in the Information Society; the conditions applicable to contracts relating to intellectual property in the Member States; protection of technological measures and DRMs; controlling access to information: the implications of electronic access control for information law and policy, competition law and consumer rights and freedoms; commodification of information; access of minorities to broadcasting services in their own languages. Of relevance for the INDICARE project is also IVIRs participation in the EC Imprimatur project, in the course of which it produced several publications on the legal issues crucial to the development of electronic copyright management systems. Presently, IViR organises a professional training for lawyers, judges and law makers on the legal aspects of eContent management.

IViR employs researchers from all over the world. IViR researchers are regular speakers at international conferences and symposia. At the European level, IViR is part of the multidisciplinary network of partners of the European Audiovisual Observatory, the information network founded in 1992 by 33 European states and the European Commission to serve the audiovisual industry.

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