The University of Athens is one of the major higher degree public educational institutions in Greece. The University of Athens belongs to the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Department staff consists of 42 academic staff members and over 100 PhD candidates and research associates. The faculty, research staff and students participate in a large number of projects of national and international scale, funded by programmes such as RACE, ACTS, TELEMATICS, DELTA, ESPRIT II & III, IST, RISI. The department has a rich and long experience in several topics of Computer Science such as Software Engineering, Databases and Knowledge Bases; Experiment Management Systems; Workflow Management Systems; Digital Libraries; User Interfaces; Personalization and Usage Statistics; Data Warehouses; Data Mining; and Distributed Systems and has participated in several relevant research and development projects. Those funded during the last five years include the DILIGENT IP (IST FP6), DIAS (eContent), DELOS Network of Excellence (IST FP6), BRICKS Integrated Project (IST FP6), KATOPTRON (under a Greek initiative), DRIVER (IST FP6), DRIVER-II & D4SCIENCE (FP7), HEALTH-E-CHILD (FP6), PAPYRUS(FP7).

In the context of the OpenAIRE, NKUA, having the DRIVER experience, will give scientific, technological and administrative management support to the project. It will (a) act as the project coordinator ensuring smooth operation of the whole project, (b) enhance and maintain the services provided by OpenAIRE (c) participate in JRA activities for the study of research data and the processing of usage statistics from the OpenAIRE and the repository portals.

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