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UoB affirms the concept of open science which provides researchers and the public with free and up-to-date access to reviewed scientific publications, primary data generated during research and other research results, with the aim to accelerate the exchange of scientific information, and the repeatability of obtaining and verifying scientific results, which in turn has a positive effect of the scientific, technological and economic development of the community.

Contribution to Open Science

Goals and objectives

Sustainable infrastructure for implementation of Open Science and trained researchers to practice Open Science.
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Biljana Kosanovic
IT Support for Science & Studies, Head of Department
University of Belgrade Computer Centre develop an interoperable, sustainable and affordable software and organizational model suitable for Serbian research organizations: (1) facilitating the establishment of a sustainable and affordable network of institutional repositories in Serbia (in 2021 – 30); (2) training for repository managers and users, and (3) boosting decision makers to develop and adopt policies.

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