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After a proposal of the UCY LIB, the Senate of the University of Cyprus (UCY) decided to sign the Berlin Declaration for Open Access (OA) in 2008.UCY LIB has started an internal project for the creation of an OA institutional repository for all the academic staff of the UCY. UCY LIB identifies, gathers and massively imports all the publications on behalf of the academic staff of UCY and then encourages their scholars to continue with real self-archiving individually. As 100% of the country's publications are collected, this could serve as an excellent test bed for OpenAIRE.

UCY LIB plays a coordinating role among the other five Universities in Cyprus, which could act as test beds if necessary during the project. Working on D-Space and Greenstone platforms and using MARC and DC formats, UCY LIB digital library includes more than 10 digital collections, which cover a wide range of original material such as paper archives, sound recordings, books, slides, photos, video etc.

In the project, UCY LIB aims at participating in the development of a European Helpdesk System, serving as the national OA liaison office, supporting researchers towards meeting the demands of the OA mandate of the European Commission, in using the repository infrastructure, and liaising with other OA- and repository-related activities in Europe.

Contact persons

  • Filippos Tsimpoglou
  • Evelthon Prodromou
  • Louis Prokopiou

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