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An important part of international embedding is to increase the number of publications, to increase the proportion of open access publications, to develop international citation, to participate in the editorial boards of international journals and in international scientific societies. The University also considers the development of scientific life by maintaining open access scientific journals to be an important task of the university.

Contribution to Open Science

In order to make wide-ranging social and economic use of the research results of the University, University of Debrecen is committed to the open access dissemination of scientific works. Following the recommendations and regulations of the Council of Europe, the European Research Council and national and international research funding organizations, and in accordance with the Berlin Declaration, Authors shall endeavor to publish Scientific Works in accordance with the principles of open access, as set out in these Regulations.

Goals and objectives

One of the main goals of the University is to implement the Position Paper on Open Science recommendations issued by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology. The statement had been published with the aim of expressing a common position on OpenScience, based on professional consensus, in response to the current paradigm shift in the worldof science, which, in line with the recommendations of international science organisations andthe relevant policy objectives of the European Union, summarises the principles and the fieldsof activity of Open Science that best serve the interests and development of Hungarian science.The statement also aims to draw the attention of the scientific community in Hungary towardsthe importance and timeliness of the new approach, its strategic issues and the increasinglyimportant role of Open Science in international cooperation.

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Gyongyi Karacsony | Judit Fazekas-Paragh | Adam Szaldobagyi
General Director at the University of Debrecen University and National Library | Head of Department Education and Research Support Department | Data Steward at University of Debrecen University and National Library
The e-infrastructure consist of three parts, University of Debrecen Electronic Archive (DEA), iDEa Academic Profiles and Adattar. DEA was established in 2006 as a digital storage of documents created at the university. Scientific publications, student papers, educational materials, media content, etc. are produced here. Adattar established in 2020, is a data repository where researchers can store and share scientific data with the wider community. iDEa Academic Profiles, established in 2014, works as a Current Research Information System, it is quickly and adventurously visible on the university knowledge wealth to the widest possible range of users. Scientific output is disseminated at university, faculty, institutional, departmental, laboratory, application, and researcher profile levels based on the number and prestige of publications. The scientific results obtained at the university and the statistical and scientometrical data derived from them can thus be found in one place, in a unified form for researchers and the institution. It links the profiles of the researchers with publications uploaded to DEA.