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Ghent University

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Facilitating open knowledge creation

Contribution to Open Science

hent University, founded in 1817, is a comprehensive, research intensive universitya pluralistic university open to all, regardless of ideological, political, cultural or social background. Our credo is ‘Dare to Think’. UGent hosts over 49,000 students and 15,000 staffThe11 faculties offer more than 200 courses and conduct in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains. Several of the research groups, centres and institutes are renowned worldwide, in disciplines such as biotechnology, aquaculture, microelectronics, history, ... . UGent participates in many H2020 projects and hosts several dozen ERC grants. Several research groups take part in ESFRI, e.g. the coordination of Elixir Belgium is taken up by UGent.

Ghent University Library’s mission is “Facilitating open knowledge creation”.  The library supports researchers and students in their research activities and stimulates them to embrace open practices. In all her activities, open is a crucial concept.  The Open Science team in the library manages the open repository of the university, provides tools to work with open data, advises the policy makers and provides training and support to the researchers. In her activities, the library, part of the research department, works closely together with the ICT department. 

Goals and objectives

  • Increase the uptake of open science practices at Ghent University
  • Assist research infrastructures in Ghent University to prepare for EOSC
  • Provide timely & accurate support on open science practices, eg for Horizon Europe
  • Quality insurance of the publication repository and the data registry
  • Member since
Contact Info
Inge Van Nieuwerburgh
Open Science team
  • Training and support for research and for research support staff
  • Open access publication repository
  • Research data registry
  • Helpdesk