Kostanz_logoThe University of Konstanz is one of the pioneers and unremitting proponents of Open Access (OA) in Germany. Founded in 1997, the Institutional Repository “KOPS” maintains almost 7,000 full-text documents meanwhile with a strong progressive growth within the last two years. One objective of the University of Konstanz is the support of OA publications for example by means of a membership in BioMed Central and PLOS. At the same time, the University of Konstanz has a soft OA mandate, which means that all members of the University are asked to self-archive and to submit all their publications from 2009 onwards to the institutional repository KOPS to make them available OA if there are no reasons in opposition to it.

From 2006 on, the Library of the University of Konstanz is one of the core partners of the project “open-access.net” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) to establish a comprehensive information platform on OA. Since 2008 the Library of the University of Konstanz has been member of the European Network of Repositories “Nereus” and invited member to the EU-project NEEO that intends to establish the leading European repository portal in Economics.

In October 2009, the University of Konstanz  hosted for the 2nd time the "Open Access Days", a conference which aims at giving scientists an opportunity to obtain on-the-spot information about OA and to enhance the activities of the OA community.

Contact persons

  • Petra Haetscher
  • Anja Oberlaender
  • Karlheinz Pappenberger

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