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The University of Lille has described its commitment to Open Science in its roadmap for Open Science (2021). The roadmap consistsof 5 pillars: Open Access to scientific publications, Opening up scientific data, Open scientificpublishingParticipatoryresearch and Support of Open Science initiatives. More...

Contribution to Open Science

The University of Lille has been committed to Open Access since the earlydays of itsfoundation in 2018.The launch of Lille Open Archive (LillOA) in 2018 has been followed by the adoption of the charter for open archive submissions in 2019. Open Science and Open Access both are included as priorities in the research policy of the University.

Goals and objectives

The main goal of the University of Lille is to fulfil the set of actions planned in the roadmap for Open Science. We focus on the development of open science practices among researchers while pursuing our involvement in open science initiatives. 
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Contact Info
Marie-Madeleine Géroudet
Head of Research Support Department at the academic library

Open Science services are coordinated by the academic library and the research office. 

Training and support for researchers and PhD students (, Management of the Lille Open Archive and the HAL portal, Management of the APC fund for researchers, Supportfor including Open Science in projects submissions, Training and support for Data Management Plan and opening of data, Supportfor the application of FAIR principles to research databases, Open Science plateform for the journals published by the researchers of the University.