190px-University_of_Troms_logo.svgThe University of Tromsø Library is host to the Norwegian Open Research Archives (NORA), a co-operation between Norwegian Open Access (OA) archive-owning institutions, currently funded by the Ministry of Education and Research. Presently, NORA comprises 38 archives in 51 institutions across state universities and colleges, private colleges and research institutes.

Among NORA’s activities is advocating the establishing of further repositories, with the aim that any Norwegian researcher will have a repository available in the future. NORA advocates institutional and funder mandates for green OA.

NORA also advocates OA publishing, and has part-financed the establishing of an OJS-based OA journal service at the University of Bergen.

NORA coordinates metadata standards and metadata vocabularies, ensuring consistency and interoperability at the national level. NORA harvests all Norwegian OA repositories on a daily basis, and offer a national search facility based on these metadata. NORA also aims to be a national “single point of harvesting” for international services like DRIVER and DEEP (Dart Europe E-theses Portal). NORA offer specialized metadata sets tailored to the needs of such services, e.g. by transforming metadata from national standards to other standards.

NORA will build on the principles of the current services, i.e. presenting metadata from all Norwegian OA repositories in a single service. NORA will develop the national metadata standard to meet the requirements of the project, and make sure this is implemented locally through co-operation with all repositories. NORA will offer metadata sets tailored to the needs of the project.

Depositing of articles is currently being performed in a number of ways. There is work going on to establish a national research publication information database, Norsk Vitenskapsindeks (NVI). This is an initiative taken by the Ministry of Education and Research, and it is expected that registration of publications will be mandatory for (nearly) all Norwegian research, and that financing will depend on registration. NVI is planned to be built on FRIDA, which is a similar system used by the Universities and some colleges. Currently, researchers can deposit when registering their publication in FRIDA. NORA sees it as imperative that this functionality, which ensures that there is a minimum of extra work involved for the researchers and that metadata are registered only once, will be developed further in NVI. For this project, NORA will work to ensure efficient mechanisms for depositing in NVI, and to ensure that NVI metadata will cover the needs of this project. In addition, NORA will co-operate with repository operators to ensure efficient mechanisms for harvesting deposited documents and metadata from NVI to local repositories. Basing the project on NVI of course means that the timetable for delivering a depositing solution is dependent on the timetable for NVI; this is not decided on at present. We currently expect NVI to be deployed no later than during 2011. It is, however, apparent that going for other solutions, or an interim solution, will be a waste of money. NORA sees it as far better to depend on manual solutions until a NVI-based system can be realized.

NORA operates a wiki, www.openaccess.no, with information on OA in Norwegian, with content focused on a Norwegian public (including researchers). NORA will develop content in Norwegian to support researchers in depositing their articles; additional content in English will be developed to support an international help-desk in their work.

As part of the project, NORA will co-operate with the National Library of Norway to ensure long-term preservation of deposited articles.

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  • Jan Erik Frantsvåg

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