Sol_ubu_smUtrecht University is an internationally renowned top research university conducting fundamental and applied research covering a wide variety of scientific disciplines. In 2005 Utrecht University signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

Utrecht University Library will focus on Objective 1, and contribute to the Establishment and Operation of the European Helpdesk System.

The Utrecht University Library is one of the initiators of the OA movement in Europe: the director of the library is the chair of SPARC Europe and they are a founding member of OASPA. The library is very active on the field of OA. Utrecht University Library strongly supports the OA movement, as a consequence of its mission to provide optimal access to its scientific information resources. They are an OA publisher themselves and have the largest institutional repository in the Netherlands (22.000 items). At the moment UU Library are busy with several innovative projects, such as embedding the repository in the researchers' workflow and developing subject repositories.

Within the University Library a dedicated department, Igitur, Utrecht Publishing and Archiving Services, was created in order to promote and advance free accessibility to scientific information (Open Access). Within the library Igitur is also responsible for the institutional repository and library-services connected with the repository. Igitur takes care of the institutional repository of Utrecht University and strives to collect all of the university‚Äôs scientific output and make it available in the Igitur Archive. Igitur is also a publisher of OA journals. At the moment twelve OA online scientific journals are published, most of them international, which involve a thorough peer review process and enjoy an established reputation in academic and scientific communities.

Contact persons

  • Saskia Franken
  • Martin Slabbertje
  • Guido van Dongen

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