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Apr 19, 2023
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Welcoming an Open Science webspace for the Galaxy Community

Apr 19, 2023

EuroScienceGateway and OpenAIRE team up to enhance accessibility and FAIRness of scientific data from the Galaxy project.

The Galaxy project is a joint global effort with hundreds of public and local deployments ( and hundreds of contributors across different continents. With the collaboration signed between the EuroScienceGateway and OpenAIRE, we are working together on improving findability, accessibility, interoperability and re-use of data produced by the scientific community associated with the Galaxy project. While several research fields have already widely adopted Galaxy for data analysis, the two teams will focus on the identification of the metadata resources present in the OpenAIRE Graph, verifying the collections of the records, and making them available to the research community through the EuroScienceGateway in OpenAIRE CONNECT
EuroScienceGateway started as an EOSC project in 2022 and aims to facilitate access to compute and storage infrastructures across Europe as well as to data, tools, workflows and services that can be customized to suit researchers’ needs. At the heart of the proposal, workflows will integrate with the EOSC-Core. Adoption, development and implementation of technologies to interoperate across services will allow researchers to produce high-quality FAIR data available to all in EOSC.
The collaboration with OpenAIRE and EuroScienceGateway aims to increase the FAIRness of the research produced by the communities using Galaxy and improve the data quality by providing feedback to the OpenAIRE mining team and on the novel entries of the OpenAIRE Graph. This will be useful to guide researchers, research staff, data stewards, and data scientists to find tunes in the Open Science practices and training.

"The Galaxy project and the EuroScienceGateway are dedicated to democratizing data analyses. The partnership with OpenAIRE will boost our efforts in the area of RDM and accessible and reproducible research which will stimulate the adoption of FAIR principles", Björn Grüning, Galaxy project 

We are excited to partner with EuroScienceGateway to advance the FAIRness and accessibility of scientific data produced by the Galaxy project. By leveraging the OpenAIRE Graph and collaborating on metadata resources, we can enhance the quality of research and empower researchers across Europe to produce high-quality FAIR data in EOSC. Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE CTO 


Galaxy is
an open-source platform that allows researchers to analyze and share scientific data using various user-friendly web-based interfaces as well as interoperable application programming interfaces (APIs). The Galaxy project was launched in 2005 and has since become a powerful framework for researchers across a wide range of research fields, including *omics, biodiversity, machine learning, cheminformatics, NLP, material science, climate research and several more.

: The Horizon Europe project is a consortium of 18 partners and will leverage a distributed computing network across 13 European countries, accessible via 6 national, user-friendly web portals. Communities across disciplines -- Life Sciences, Climate and Biodiversity, Astrophysics, and Materials science -- will demonstrate the bridge from EOSC's technical services to scientific analysis.

: The Horizon 2020 OpenAIRE-Nexus project, a consortium of 11 partners, brings in Europe, EOSC and the world a set of services to implement and accelerate Open Science and tools embedded in researchers' workflows, making it easier for them to accept and uptake Open Science practices of openness and FAIRness.

: OpenAIRE is a Non-Profit Partnership established in 2018 as a legal entity, OpenAIRE A.M.K.E, to ensure a permanent open scholarly communication infrastructure and support research in Europe and beyond. OpenAIRE is making Open Science happen. Collectively and in practical ways. Its fields of expertise and activities include services, policies and training. Operating since 2009, OpenAIRE is an integral part and a leading force behind the European Open Science Cloud developments.