On June 11, an OpenAIRE workshop was organized as a pre-Nordbib meeting at the Royal Library in Copenhagen.  The workshop was attended by over 80 people and addressed Research Data policy in the context of linking publications to research data, one of the key activity areas in the OpenAIREplus project. In order to support the linking of research output, it is recognized that policies and guidelines have to be in place to support research organisations to manage their research data.  It was thus timely that the first public workshop organised by OpenAIRE addressed some of these issues. The workshop was aimed at OpenAIRE participants, library managers, researchers, research funders, and research administrators. The final interactive session enabled participants to talk to the experts, and get to grips with some data management issues.

After a short introduction by Najla Rettberg from OpenAIRE, the audience listened to presentations by Oya Rieger on the Research Data Landscape, Arjan Hogenaar on Enhanced Publications. After a break, Data-Literature integration in the Life Sciences was the focus of a talk by Jo McEntyre, and presentations were given from two policy perspectives; a funder's perspective, Mark Thorley from NERC, and Mary McDerby and her experiences in establishing a data management policy within an Manchester University.

To close this intensive morning session, the group split up into 5 break-out groups, each tackling an OpenAIRE plus related issue: Funders and Data Policy, Institutional Policy, Researchers and Publishers. Participants were also able to attend a more technical group, and a general group for general OpenAIRE project questions.

OpenAIRE would like to thank Nordbib for facilitating and supporting our workshop.


Najla Rettenberg's introduction, Gottingen University Library

Oya Rieger, Cornell University – “The research data landscape– an overview”

Arjan Hogenaar, DANS – “Enhanced publications: an introduction”

Jo McEntyre, EMBL-EBI – “Literature-data integration in the life sciences”

Mark Thorley, National Environment Research Council – “Data in the research process: a funder's perspective”

Mary McDerby, Manchester University – “Research Data Management Policies: the tale of one institute’s journey to ratification”

Iryna Kuchma, Najla Rettberg, Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Eloy Rodrigues, Birgit Schmidt – Summary and findings, wrap up

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